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    • "Various Cuts #1" out now!

      The first volume of ClekClekBoom's new series 'Various Cuts' is a powerful 4 track tool gathering music from different artists of the label and relatives. On this #1 you'll get a treatment from French Fries & NSDOS, Aleqs Notal, Jean Nipon, and Netherlands producer Barbara Ford.
      Get your 12" from Rush Hour or every other good record store.
      Digital download is for now exclusively available from us from us or Beatport... due Feb. 23rd on every other platform.
    • French Fries - 2015 North America Tour

      The one like Mr French Fries is touring the U.S. of A. as we speak, from February 18th to 28th.
      Here's a list of all the dates, ending up in Montreal...

      Wed. 18 > "808K" @ Barcelona - Austin, TX
      Thu. 19 > Dionysus - Oberlin, OH
      Fri. 20 > "Sick" @ Cameo - Brooklyn, NY
      Sat. 21 > "Them Flavors x RBMA" @ Multikulti - Chicago, IL
      Thu. 26 > "Basement Movement" @ 49 Social - Boston, MA
      Fri. 27 > "Detour" @ Hot Mass - Pittsburgh, PA
      Sat. 28 > "#Sseenn" @ Blue Dog Motel - Montreal, QC

      Follow the man on Twitter
    • French Fries "Change the Past" remixed by Fred P and Chevel [CCB017]

      For the very first time in ClekClekBoom history, we've asked outside producers to provide us with some remixes. The original track "Change the Past" is extracted from French Fries' "Kepler" LP... and has been given a new life by none other than house deepness don Ferd P and bass funkyness young stud Chevel.
      Grab the vinyl here
      Chek the digital release here
    • Jean Nipon returns to ClekClekBoom...

      The elusive artist known as Jean Nipon will deliver a new 4 track number next November for ClekClekBoom Recordings... The E.P. is called "Nice Seeing You". Expect some heavy cinematographic vibes and stereophonic percussion drums to levitate you across the dancefloor.

      Grab the vinyl here
    • CCB's White Label series #3 by Chaos in the CBD

      The New Zealand's bad bros Chaos In The CBD are back on ClekClekBoom with "Trial Rider" E.P., a white label available exclusively on vinyl, featuring 2 different versions of the title track, for double dose of nastyness.

      Listen and buy here
    • "Paris Club Music - Vol. 2" out now!

      The Volume 2 of our compilation series "Paris Club Music" is available in every good record store in Double LP and Digital, featuring exclusive tracks from French Fries, Bambounou, Coni, Aleqs Notal, NSDOS, Jean Nipon and Aethority. Don't sleep!

      Listen here
    • Coni new 4 track EP, out now.

      A few months after his last release, Coni is back on ClekClekBoom for this "Comfort Zone" EP. A Heavy pulsating, early 1990s Chicago House leaning EP featuring the dace-floor monster "Napalm".
      Grab the Vinyl (via Soundcloud) or download the Digital
    • French Fries debut LP "Kepler" is out!

      ClekClekBoom's co-founder and leading artist French Fries is ready to release his very first long player. It is due February 24th on Digital, CD and Double Vinyl. "Kepler" narrates a futuristic outer space sci-fi story throughout 13 cutting edge tracks.
      Featuring the already known "Machine" and "Bug Noticed", you can now discover new previews of the album on French Fries' Soundcloud page...
      Click here
    • Aleqs Notal very first EP is out now!

      ClekClekBoom's newest asset comes with the freshest, craftiest Bass/Tech sound on his killer 4 track number debut, full of rhythmic tricks and reactivated 1980s Detroit Electro/Techno vibes.
      Grab it now: Vinyl (via Soundcloud) or Digital
    • French Fries x Aleqs Notal 2hrs set on Rinse FM

      Just before ClekClekBoom's residency night at Fabric London, French Fries and Aleqs Notal passed by Rinse FM to bless the airwaves with a 120 mns of underground straight forward house/techno... enjoy.
      Listen here
    • French Fries Album Sampler [CCB013]

      01/ Machine
      02/ Bug Noticed

      The new 2 track number from French Fries is out now!

      Purchase vinyl copy via Soundcloud here
    • French Fries @ Boiler Room Paris

      Recorded live on October 21st...
      The man himself dropping serious vibes
    • ClekClekBoom Fam' @ Fabric London (Friday 11th Oct.)

      This Friday, October 11th, ClekClekBoom is back in London town to takeover Room 2 of Fabric.
      French Fries, Manaré, Coni, NSDOS (Live), Boo & Ministre X, alongside special guest Underground Paris...
      Come along!
    • Save The Date... Friday, Sept. 20th @ La Machine (Paris, FR) w/ Laurent Garnier

      ClekClekBoom will hit the club on Friday, September 20th, in Paris at La Machine for what's suppose to be something to remember... introducing label's new act NSDOS in live aciton, as well as Aethority to celebrate their new EP out now. And as if it's not enough, we've invited the French living legend of Techno, Mr Laurent Garnier. Better come prepared ya'll!
    • CCB011 from Aethority - Out Now!

      First release of Ministre X's new project 'Aethority', in association with parisian pianist Mattias Mimoun. The duo drops 2 heavy hitters for ClekClekBoom.

    • Coni "My Secret Diving" E.P. - Available Now

      For the 10th regular release of the label, Coni is back with some deep and ghetto-edgy house music to hypnotize the clubs. Catch the 12" vinyl out there or the digital right here on ClekClekBoom.com
    • White Label #2 - Out Now!

      French Fries drops the second installment of the White Label series and goes back to a prior analogue jam session where he used only his beloved Minimoog Voyager, an old Sequential Circuits Drumtraks and the classic TR-909. Inspired by Chicago's producers from the Dance Mania era, French Fries also lays down his own vocal freestyle of "Drums-Traxx" across the EP.

      Listen here

      The tour for the compilation is continuing this month with new dates around France.

      Including Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon and the comeback at La Machine in Paris, Wednesday the 8th, by the way yes it's a bank holiday, so be there!

    • "PARIS CLUB MUSIC - VOLUME 1"... It's here!

      The first ever ClekClekBoom Recording's compilation has dropped.
      Double LP, Double CD and Digital!
      7 exclusive tracks from the likes of French Fries, Manaré, Jean Nipon, The Town, Coni and Ministre X...
      Grab the WAV or 320K album over here.

      Btw, check out the video teaser.
    • FRENCH FRIES "EVERYTHING" EP still out there...

      It's been more than a year since French Fries launched ClekClekBoom Recordings with his memorable EP "Champagne / Hugz ft. Bambounou". The prodigal son is back with this sick 3 track number showing the evolution of his production skills as his musical influences got deeper and sharper. Floating between House and Techno, still with this heavy sub-bass edge, this is an instant winner!


      ClekClekBoom announce compilation "Paris Club Music - Vol. 1", supported by a tour running through Spring. Tracklist and dates after the jump!

    • New ClekClekBoom Recordings #008 available right now!

      Jean Nipon drops his science on ClekClekBoom Recordings... best believe this CCB008 is one heavy 3 track number! Supported by a wide range of different people, from Oneman to Crookers to Laurent Garnier. Oh Boy!

      Listen here
    • CCB008 Ready To Go!

      Our next release on ClekClekBoom Recordings comes from a mysterious guy, formerly on Institubes alongside Teki Latex and Orgasmic, now following his own path like a real ronin who's about to reveal to the world another side of his twisted mind! More infos soon...
    • A.D.E. Festival 2012 takeover!

      ClekClekBoom will be representing at the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) Festival this year.
      For the occasion Karve (The Town™) & Manaré cooked up an exclusive Boomcast. Check it out!

      Listen to the mix

      More infos on the event
    • Chaos In The CBD new EP - Available Now!

      Yes, as vinyl copies of this CCB007 are almost already sold out everywhere, the digital release can now be yours right here on ClekClekBoom.com...

      Listen here
    • On to the next one... Manaré "Quartz / Down To Dis" [CCB006]

      July 30th have seen another big thing for ClekClekBoom, the release of Manaré's new EP, "Quartz/Down To Dis" in both vinyl and digital. Quality and pride once again! Don't sleep.

      Listen here
    • CCB005 Bambounou is out!

      New ClekClekBoom Recordings release is signed by none other than Bambounou. The DJ/Producer/Model/Chiller is coming on strong with this 2 tracks number, "Night" and "Brawl" are pure vibes!

      Listen here
    • The Town "The Movement / Pulse" out now!

      Available on digital right here and in limited edition 12" vinyl in every good record store. Grab it!
    • Boomcast Contest With Giveways

      Get a chance to win a copy of ClekClekBoom Recordings latest 12" release and free tickets for one of our next club nights.
    • I Wanna See You Vogue...

      The wait is over! ClekClekBoom proudly hooked up with Dirtybird to give you this release... shout out to Claude VonStroke! Sick track, sick remixes, and watch out for a possible special treat sometime soon here on ClekClekBoom.com... Let's vogue! Out March 14th, 12" + Digital.


    2hr back-2-back mix between French Fries and Aleqs Notal, recorded live at Rinse France last November 26th. Enjoy.


      "Paris Club Music - Volume 2" Teaser

      The teaser for Paris Club Music - Vol. 2 had the crew riding around Paris, projecting visual vibes live on different monuments throughout Paris...

      © 2014 ClekClekBoom
      Video directed by Romain Cieutat & Ndaye Kouagou
      Local Manager: Benjamin Bendriss
      Special thanks to Notal, Bambi, Rija and Mr Aimable for the extra hands ;)